Wild Rift Champions Build & Guide: Kicdo

List of 89 champions released in Wild Rift. Learn how to play a Wild Rift champion like a pro. Include information such as whether this champion is the strongest in the current Meta or not. The best build will include what items, summoning spells and understanding each rune. The order of skill upgrades in each case. The right position comes with how to play according to each position and role of a champion. Strengths, weaknesses and a list of champions that counter your champion.

League of Legends Wild Rift - Wild Rift is the mobile and console version of the game League of Legends [LOL] PC. Moba style 5v5 full of strategy. Wild Rift will be available to all regions by the end of 2020.

Initial release date 2020
Mode Android, IOS
Price: Free
Genres: MOBA
Download: App Store & Google Play
Developer and Original author: Riot Games
Social: Twitter

Who is the best champion Wild Rift?

Go to the article best champions to play in Wild Rift at Kicdo to see a list of champion win rates divided by tier. Here you will find out who is the best jungle champion, ADC, Baron, Mid, Support

Where to find more Wild Rift discussions on Reddit?

League of Legends Wild Rift Reddit is r / wildrift . This is the official reddit theme of Wild Rift.

Wild rift patch notes: 3.3 A