Diana Build Guide for Wild Rift

Best build Diana Wild Rift and latest Runes. How to play combos, skills, pros and cons, and counter this champion in the current meta.

Diana Wild Rift

Fighter Assassin - Easy - Position: Update 3.3

Sức mạnh Diana Tốc Chiến

Diana runes Win 58.28% and Pick 28.31%



Nullifying Orb        

Hunter - Genius        

Diana runes Mid with Win 51.92% and Pick 21.45%



Adaptive Carapace        

Hunter - Genius        

Build Diana Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Rod of Ages        

Banshee's Veil        

Crystalline Reflector        

Rabadon's Deathcap        



Diana Wild Rift build second

Rod of Ages        

Nashor's Tooth        



Rabadon's Deathcap        

Void Staff        

Diana Wild Rift item build third

Lich Bane        

Infinity Orb        



Rabadon's Deathcap        

Void Staff        

Best Picks vs Diana

Worst Picks vs Diana

Best Lane Counters vs Diana

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Diana Wild Rift>

Runes Diana Wild Rift

Diana position



Diana summoner spells

Tốc Biến + Thiêu đốt

Diana Build

Diana Wild Rift's passive deals 30 extra AP on the 3rd attack, so the indispensable item is Nashor's Fang that deals extra magic damage on hit.

Specifically, the right way to build will include both damage and tank. Agreed to be an assassin, but it took too long to let go of the last move, so what's the point of eating a bunch of effects? Then Diana would be a gladiator killer that would make the most sense.

Diana ability 

Diana ability order

thứ tự nâng kỹ năng Diana Tốc Chiến

You increase skill 1 first to have the ability to poke enemies. Skill 2 builds armor and skill 3 at level 3 ready for stacks of damage.

Diana abilities


Using an ability causes Diana's next 3 attacks to gain 30% Attack Speed ( 4 ) for 4 seconds.) in

Every third attack deals 30 bonus magic damage (30 +50% an area.

Deals 50% damage to structures, and 110% damage to monsters.


Cooldown: 9s

Cost: 55

Unleashes an arcing bolt of energy that deals 60 magic damage (60 +70% ?) and applies Moonlight for 3 seconds.


Cooldown: 13s

Cost: 70

Creates 3 spheres that orbit Diana for 5 seconds. Upon contact with enemies the spheres detonate, dealing 25 magic damage (25 +20% ).

Also grants a shield that absorbs 40 damage (40 +40% ). If the third sphere detonates, the shield is increased by 40 (40 + 40%)


Cooldown: 22s

Cost: 20

Dashes to a point near an enemy, dealing 40 magic damage (40 + 25% ) and removing Moonlight in an area.

Lunar Rush's Cooldown is reduced to 0.5 seconds if it removes Moonlight from an enemy.


Cooldown: 70s

Cost: 100

Hold: Summons the moon, slowing enemies by 20% and applying, Moonlight in a growing area.

Cast: Slams the moon down, spiraling enemies toward Diana and dealing 150 (150 +40% 2) to 300 magic damage (300 +80% ), (scaling with charge time).

How to play Diana

At the beginning of the game, Diana Wild Rift is quite weak, to reach the threshold of strength, you must at least reach level 3.

Diana can dash to the target up to 2 times. The trick is that you must use skill 1 before placing Moonlight mark on the enemy. Then as soon as you surf will get New Moon's cooldown immediately.


1: Trăng Lưỡi LiềmTrăng NonThác Bạc + Trăng Non

2: Gươm Ánh Trăng + Trăng Lưỡi Liềm + Thác Bạc + Trăng Non

3: Trăng Lưỡi Liềm + Thác Bạc + Trăng NonTrăng Mờ + Trăng Non

Diana pros and cons


Diana's ability to initiate teamfights is extremely good thanks to her quick approach and wide-area knockdown ultimate.

Open vision in dust or dark areas with skill 1.

You can even level up a mage tank if needed.

Assassin-oriented mage with extremely high mobility.

Thanks to the skill 3 Diana has much better resistance than other mages.

Not afraid of the 1-1 solo phase.


Flash is the only tool to escape.

Pretty weak early game so need to play safe.

Diana counters

Picking ranged champions to fight Diana in the laning phase

Just dodging skill 1 Diana lost half of her power.

No need to attack or hit her orbs. Chi simply steps back until the effect wears off.

With detailed instructions on how to choose the latest Diana Wild Rift rune board . And how to build Diana Wild Rift Mage. You'll master how pacing the game in and out at the right time and taking advantage of an assassin's explosive power.

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