Leona Build Guide for Wild Rift

Best build Leona Wild Rift and latest Runes. How to play combos, skills, pros and cons, and counter this champion in the current meta.

Leona Wild Rift

Support - Easy - Position: Update 3.3

Sức mạnh Leona

Leona SP runes Win 68.23% and Pick 25.31%

Grasp of the Undying        


Ultimate Shield        

Hunter - Genius        

Leona SP runes with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%



Ultimate Shield        

Sweet Tooth        

Build LeonaWild Rift with the highest win rate



Winter's Approach        

Death's Dance        


Force of Nature        

Leona Wild Rift build second

Zeke's Convergence        

Protector's Vow        


Dead Man's Plate        

Abyssal Mask        

Runaan's Hurricane        

Leona Wild Rift item build third

Dead Man's Plate        

Ixtali Seedjar        


Zeke's Convergence        

Protector's Vow        

Frozen Heart        

Best Picks vs Leona

Worst Picks vs Leona

Best Lane Counters vs Leona

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Runes Leona Wild Rift

Leona position


Leona summoner spells

Tốc Biến + Thiêu đốt

Leona Build

SP is just going to tank, possessing a bunch of dazzling, stun, and slow skills, it's okay to confidently build a tank and rush straight into the target team.

Leona ability 

Leona ability order

Thứ tự nâng kỹ năng Leona Tốc Chiến

Leona abilities

Ánh Sáng Mặt Trời SUNLIGHT

Abilities apply Sunlight for 1.5 seconds. Other allied champions consume Sunlight when damaging enemies, dealing 34 bonus magic damage (A).


Cooldown: 5s

Cost: 45

Empowers the next attack to stun for 1 second(s) and deal 15 bonus magic damage (15 + 30%).


Cooldown: 14s

Cost: 60

For 3 seconds gain 35 Armor (35 + 20% bonus) and 35 Magic Resist (35 + 20% bonus O).

After the effect ends nearby enemies take 60 magic damage (60 + 40% 2). If an enemy is hit, Leona retains her defensive bonuses for 3 seconds.

Thiên Đỉnh Kiếm ZENITH BLADE

Cooldown: 12s

Cost: 60

Deals 60 magic damage (60 + 40%) to enemies in a line.

Leona roots the last champion hit for 0.5 seconds and dashes to them.

Thái Dương Hạ San SOLAR FLARE

Cooldown: 55s

Cost: 100

Calls down a beam of light, dealing 100 magic damage (100 + 80% ) and slowing by 80% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies in the center are stunned instead of slowed.

How to play Leona

Leona pros and cons



Leona counters

With detailed instructions on how to choose the latest Leona Wild Rift runes . And how to build Leona Wild Rift on a case-by-case basis, hopefully you will be a support to create tons of CC to catch AD.

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