Rammus Build Guide for Wild Rift

Rammus Wild Rift: God of speed, the king of the strongest tanker Wild Rift. High armor for normal attacks is also counter-damaged. The runes and standard build below will optimize Rammus's power.

Rammus Wild Rift

Tank - Easy - Position: Update 3.3

Sức mạnh Rammus Tốc Chiến

Rammus runes Win 60.23% and Pick 32.31%



Nullifying Orb        

Pack Hunter        

Rammus runes with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%

Font of Life        


Hunter - Titan        

Nimbus Cloak        

Build Rammus Wild Rift with the highest win rate


Sunfire Aegis        


Iceborn Gauntlet        

Wit's End        

Randuin's Omen        

Rammus Wild Rift build second

Sunfire Aegis        



Randuin's Omen        

Dead Man's Plate        

Force of Nature        

Rammus Wild Rift item build third

Dead Man's Plate        

Ixtali Seedjar        


Zeke's Convergence        

Protector's Vow        

Frozen Heart        

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Runes Rammus Wild Rift

Rammus position

Go to the jungle or go to the top. Pangolin is really useful in ganking and in teamfights. Possessing all genres from slow, provocative, tossing. High speed also possesses both AD and AP.

If going Top may be a bit low at first, you can overcome it by not pushing the minion high for the minion below the turret and tricking the enemy champion with provocation, the enemy champion will eat a few shots of the turret immediately.

Rammus summoner spells

Tốc biếnTrừng phạt  

Rammus Build

Pangolin will need to increase armor and health items. In which Giap Gai is a must-have item. When resonating with the counter-damage skill, standing still for the AD to shoot will also roll out and foam at the mouth.

Rammus ability 

Rammus ability order

Thứ tự nâng kỹ năng Rammus Tốc Chiến

Rammus abilities


While out of combat gain, 32 (A) Movement Speed, increased to 96 (A) during Powerball.

Exit combat after not taking damage or using abilities for 5 seconds.


Cooldown: 15s

Cost: 65

Accelerates up to 110% bonus Movement Speed (A) over 6 seconds. Colliding with an enemy deals 110 magic damage (110 + 100% ) in an area, knocking back and slowing enemies by 40%, for 1 second.

Activating cancels Defensive Ball Curl and puts it on cooldown.


Cooldown: 6s

Cost: 40

Spiked Shell: Attacks deal 12 bonus magic damage (8 +8%).

Active: Brace for up to 6 seconds, slowing Rammus by 30% while, gaining 83 Armor (30 +70% ) and 27 Magic Resist (10 +35%O). While curled Spiked Shell deals 50% more damage and also applies to enemies that attack Rammus.

Deals 175% damage to monsters. Activating cancels Powerball and puts it on cooldown.

Khiêu Khích Điên Cuồng FRENZYING TAUNT

Cooldown: 15s

Cost: 50

Taunts an enemy champion or monster for 1.25 seconds and gain 35% Attack Speed decaying over 5 seconds.


Cooldown: 95s

Cost: 100

Hop into the air and slam down, dealing 100 magic damage (100, +50% 2.) and creating aftershocks for 4 seconds.

Aftershocks deal 30 magic damage (30 +20% ) every second and slow enemies incrementally by 12%, stacking up to 60%.

If used during Powerball, Powerball's effects are applied at the center of the landing zone.

Soaring Slam's range increases with Movement Speed. Soaring Slam damages structures.

How to play Rammus

Farm the forest quickly to get money to buy things. When reaching level 5, there are enough combos that can be ganked.

The most effective gank approach is to use the Speed Orb and Shock Leap combo.

Before provoking turn on Defense Position.

The Speed Orb that touches minions will be stopped so need to roll to choose the right target position


Khiêu Khích Điên Cuồng + Động Đất + AA + AA

Quả Cầu Tốc Độ + Thế Thủ + AA + AA

Rammus pros and cons


Possesses mixed AD and AP damage.

High mobility.

Possesses the ability to control provocative.

Ganking is easy.

Go to the forest fast.


Only strong in the mid game, need items and level 5 to maximize true power.

ghThe skill has a long cooldown, easy to get robbed at early levels.

Rammus counters

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