Shen Build Guide for Wild Rift

Shen Wild Rift: is a tank that uses the ability to protect the entire map. The rune table and the strongest build as well as the gameplay and combos of Twilight Eye.

Shen Wild Rift

Fighter Tank - Easy - Position: Update 3.3

Sức mạnh Shen

Shen runes Win 54.23% and Pick 24.31%

Grasp of the Undying        


Hunter - Titan        


Shen runes Mid with Win 49.92% and Pick 21.45%

Grasp of the Undying        


Adaptive Carapace        

Hunter - Genius        

Build Shen Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Statikk Shiv        


Infinity Edge        

Solari Chargeblade        

Navori Quickblades        

Sterak's Gage        

Shen Wild Rift build second

Sunfire Aegis        

Navori Quickblades        

Divine Sunderer        



Randuin's Omen        

Shen Wild Rift item build third

Trinity Force        

Wit's End        


Dead Man's Plate        

Sunfire Aegis        

Warmog's Armor        

Best Picks vs Shen

Worst Picks vs Shen

Best Lane Counters vs Shen

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Runes Shen Wild Rift

Shen position



Shen summoner spells

Tốc biếnThiêu đốt 

Shen Build

Shen Wild Rift will build gear that increases stamina for health and armor. And the ability to heal because in total fights, Shen is always the character standing between 2 to 3 enemy generals who take all damage and control.

Găng tay băng hỏa give Shen everything Shen needs from armor, skill regeneration and especially slow.

Shen ability 

Shen ability order

Thứ tự nâng kỹ năng Shen

Q is the main source of damage and gives Shen a mutation in damage and attack speed, so it is necessary to raise Max first.

Shen abilities

Lá Chắn Kiếm Khí KI BARRIER

Cooldown: 10s

Gains a shield that absorbs 60 damage for 2.5 seconds after completing an ability. If the ability affected at least one champion, Ki Barrier's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.

Gains 10 energy when Shen's abilities damage an enemy.


Cooldown: 8s

Cost: 75

Recalls the Spirit Blade, enhancing his next 3 attacks to deal ani additional 12 plus 2.5% of the target's max Health (2.5 + 1.5% as magic damage. If the Spirit Blade passed through an enemy champion, the damage bonus is increased to 12 plus 5.5% of the target's max Health (5.5 + 2%?) as magic damage and Shen gains 50% Attack Speed.

Enemy champions the Spirit Blade passes through are slowed by 15% for 2 seconds while moving away from Shen.

Deals 125 max damage to monsters.


Cooldown: 18s

Cost: 20

Sends the Spirit Blade to an allied champion, creating a zone that blocks enemy attacks for 1.75 seconds.


Cooldown: 16s

Cost: 75

Dashes forward, dealing 60 physical damage (60+) to enemy champions and monsters, taunting them for 1.5 seconds.


Cooldown: 110s

Channels for 3 seconds, shielding an allied champion for 170 damage (170 + 135% + 15% bonus ) for 5 seconds, increased by 0%-60% based on target's missing health.

Upon completing the channel, Shen teleports to the target ally.

How to play Shen

Actively use Nhat Thong when seeing teammates are solo 1 vs 1.

Invisible is used both to attack and back when being ganked. Judge the enemy jungle's lane to choose the right time to use it.

Early game Shen's goal is gold, play it safe and level up as quickly as possible. Remember Shen is not very strong in the early game.

Of course, if you're weak, you don't need to push the minion high to keep the minion close to the turret.

In the middle of the game, every hot area would fly to 2 hit 1 without a single mouse and lame. At this time, Shen is very strong and can take the frontline position.


Combo 1:

Vô Ảnh Bộ + Tốc biến + Công Kích Hoàng Hôn + AA + AA + AA

Combo 2:

Công Kích Hoàng Hôn + Vô Ảnh Bộ + AA + AA + AA + Công Kích Hoàng Hôn + AA + AA + AA

Combo 3: 

Vô Ảnh Bộ + Tốc biến 

Combo 4:

Công Kích Hoàng Hôn+ Tốc biến + AA + AA + AA

Combo 5: 

Công Kích Hoàng Hôn + AA + Vô Ảnh Bộ 

Combo 6:

Vô Ảnh Bộ + Công Kích Hoàng Hôn + AA + AA + AA

Combo 7:

Công Kích Hoàng Hôn + AA

Shen pros and cons


Strong laning phase.

Extremely good resistance comes from the inside.

The ability to negate countless damage.

Create outplay mutations in teamfights, ganks thanks to the ultimate.

Protect AD anywhere, even in bed.


Getting the most out of Shen's power requires good coverage.

Slow skill regeneration.

Short range.

Shen counters

Baron road champions

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