Thresh Build Guide for Wild Rift

Thresh Wild Rift: a multi-use support champion with a tendency to protect AD from afar. Shield buffs create armor, opening a new path for the last AD to get lost. Close the pliers box so that AD stands outside to trim. This is literally the legendary sugar daddy. Let's see the gem table and how to get the best ping for Thresh at Kicdo.

Thresh Wild Rift

Support - Easy - Position: Update 3.3

Sức mạnh Thresh

Thresh SP runes Win 57.23% and Pick 27.31%



Adaptive Carapace        

Adaptive Carapace        

Thresh SP runes with Win 51.92% and Pick 24.45%

Font of Life        


Ultimate Shield        


Build Thresh Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Ixtali Seedjar        


Zeke's Convergence        


Abyssal Mask        

Randuin's Omen        

Thresh Wild Rift build second

Ixtali Seedjar        


Warmog's Armor        

Protector's Vow        

Randuin's Omen        

Force of Nature        

Thresh Wild Rift item build third

Dead Man's Plate        

Ixtali Seedjar        


Zeke's Convergence        

Protector's Vow        

Frozen Heart        

Best Picks vs Thresh

Worst Picks vs Thresh

Best Lane Counters vs Thresh

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Thresh Wild Rift>

Runes Thresh Wild Rift

Thresh position

Thresh is a support champion to protect AD. Has the ability to create quite good lane pressure. And especially often used to pair with hyper carry champions who lack mobility.

Thresh summoner spells

Tốc biếnThiêu đốt 

Thresh Build

You will focus on health and armor buffs for teammates

Thresh ability 

Thresh ability order

Nâng kỹ năng cho Thresh

Án tử is Thresh's main pressure skill you need to lift Max first.

Thresh abilities


Thresh can harvest the Souls of enemies that die near him, each soul permanently granting him 2 Armor and 2 Ability Power.

Thresh does not gain Armor on level up.


Cooldown: 18s

Cost: 70

Throws out a scythe, stunning the first unit hit and pulling them in for 1.5 seconds. The scythe does 80 magic damage (80 + 50% ) and grants True Sight for the duration.

Recast: Dashes to the bound enemy.

Cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds if it hits an enemy.

Con đường tăm tối DARK PASSAGE

Cooldown: 22s

Cost: 50

Throws a Lantern to a target location, allowing an ally to tap the Minion Button to dash to Thresh.

The Lantern also grants a shield to Thresh and the first ally comes near it, absorbing up to 65 damage (65 + 2 per Soul) for 4 seconds.

Lưỡi hái xoáy FLAY

Cooldown: 10.5s

Cost: 60

Passive: Basic attacks deal additional O to 58 magic damage (2 per Soul to 2 per Soul + 100%/) based on how long since he last attacked.

Activate: Thresh whips his chains, pulling or pushing enemies in the direction of the swing. Enemies hit are also slowed by 20% for 1 second and take 65 magic damage (65 + 40% ),

Đóng hộp THE BOX

Cooldown: 85s

Cost: 100

Creates a prison of spectral walls, slowing champions by 99% for 2 seconds and dealing 250 magic damage (250 + 100% ) Walls break after one collision, and after one is broken, the rest deal no damage and slow for half duration.

An enemy cannot be affected by multiple walls simultaneously.

How to play Thresh

Predicting the direction of the object to be dragged is the key to catching the item.

My ad will be the subject of regular care. If AD is approached, use Lưỡi hái xoáy it to push away enemy champions.

Remember to collect souls to increase armor and AP.

Use Con đường tăm tối to check dust. And when fighting can also be used to create more armor for teammates.

When you hit Án tử a minion, the monster on the other side of the wall Thresh activates can dash through the wall. Useful for attacking or chasing enemies without flash.

Note: when you first play you will not know how to click on Thresh's lantern, right. Moving into Thresh's lantern area, the minion attack button will change to a button to use the lantern. You can use it by clicking on the soldier button.


Combo 1:

Tốc biến + Lưỡi hái xoáy + Án tử

Speed up then call for a gank from the jungle or mid lane.

Combo 2: 

Án tử + Đóng hộp + Lưỡi hái xoáy

After the Q is done, move back to the opponent's direction to Lưỡi hái xoáy knock Đóng hộp it in.

Thresh pros and cons


Stable resistance comes from the inside.

Get stronger in the mid and late game.

Possesses a lot of control from most skills.

You can both save allies and quickly access hot spots from a distance thanks to the Dark Road.

Can check dust.


Mana cost.

Long skill recovery.

Initiating combat is not good, passive.

Missing is suddenly strangely useless.

Thresh counters

Always hide behind minions so Thresh can't get Án tử in your face. If Thresh has used Án tử it, time the cooldown so that when Thresh has it again you are in a safe position.

Hopefully with the instructions on how to build items and the Thresh Wild Rift gem board, you will master this champion. Upgrade to a god like MADLIFE. Drag the play to eat it.

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