Veigar Build Guide for Wild Rift

Veigar Wild Rift: is a mage possessing an infinite amount of magical power that increases over time. Veigar's playstyle is to put the damage on the target in a flash. Below is a breakdown of how the rune board and build will maximize the Little Demon Master's power.

Veigar Wild Rift

Mage - Easy - Position: Update 3.3

Sức mạnh Veigar Tốc Chiến

Veigar runes Win 59.29% and Pick 29.39%



Adaptive Carapace        

Hunter - Genius        

Veigar runes Mid with Win 50.92% and Pick 20.45%



Nullifying Orb        

Manaflow Band        

Build Veigar Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Liandry's Torment        

Rod of Ages        


Rylai's Crystal Scepter        

Rabadon's Deathcap        

Infinity Orb        

Veigar Wild Rift build second

Luden's Echo        



Rabadon's Deathcap        

Void Staff        

Infinity Orb        

Veigar Wild Rift item build third

Infinity Orb        



Void Staff        

Rabadon's Deathcap        

Liandry's Torment        

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Runes Veigar Wild Rift

Veigar position

The vast majority of players will use Veigar to go mid. Thanks to a terrible amount of AP damage this champion can deal. However, you can also hold it to support because it is extremely uncomfortable to possess too wide control skills.

Veigar summoner spells

Tốc biếnThiêu đốt 

Veigar Build

Veigar's main damage comes from skills, not basic attacks, so Veigar's build requires items for skill cooldown.

Luden When you meet an easy bet, with this dish you will push the line faster. And if there is a difficult match, trường sinh it will be true love.

Next, Veigar is a champion that explodes damage at one point as quickly as possible, not a poke, so it can be used for large AP items or comes with magic resistance to quickly put damage on the prey. + about late, mũ phù thủy + hư vô it must be called a oneshot combo.

And in the end it's clear that with a lot of AP, it takes a lot of blood to have a bit of balance in the game. And with paper blood, the assassin brothers often like to take care of themselves. ngưng đọng It is an indispensable item of Veigar.

In case you hold Veigar as a support, there is a hint to build according to the spell tank champion. Power translation like Nasus will help Veiger still have the necessary amount of damage. But the ability to tank with extremely wide control skills can cause many enemy AD teams to let go.

Veigar ability 

Veigar ability order

Thứ tự nâng kỹ năng Veigar

Điểm gở is the main damage skill and also helps Veigar accumulate SMQQ quickly so you need to max it first.

Veigar abilities

Sức mạnh quỷ quyệt PHENOMENAL EVIL POWER

Hitting an Enemy Champion with a spell grants Veigar 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil.

Killing minions or monsters with a spell grants Veigar 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil.

Champion takedowns grant Veigar 5 stacks of Phenomenal Evil.

Each stack of Phenomenal Evil grants 1 Ability Power

Veigar's evilness has earned him o Ability Power,


Cooldown: 5.5s

Cost: 35

Veigar unleashes a bolt of dark energy, dealing 65 magic damage (65 + 50%?) to the first two enemies hit.

Thiên thạch đen DARK MATTER

Cooldown: 8s

Cost: 75

Veigar summons dark matter from the sky, dealing 100 magic damage (100 + 90%?).

Every 50 stacks of Phenomenal Evil reduce this ability's cooldown by 10%

Cooldown currently reduced by 0%.)

Bẻ cong không gian EVENT HORIZON

Cooldown: 16s

Cost: 75

Veigar creates a cage that stuns enemies that pass through for 1.75 seconds. The cage lasts for 3 seconds.

Veigar's Dark Matter auto casts will prioritize targets stunned by Event Horizon.


Cooldown: 70s

Cost: 100

Veigar blasts an Enemy Champion with primal magic to deal 170, magic damage (170 + 75% ) to them, increased by 0% - 100% based on the target's missing health.

Deals max damage to enemies below 35% health.

How to play Veigar

The early game is weak, so keep working hard to accumulate points. Especially always keep Bẻ cong không gian it at any time in the game, this will always be a lifesaver for this mage general.

 Điểm gở will affect 2 targets, you can base 2 minions that are almost out of health to farm or base when minions and enemies stand close to each other. Internal accumulation benefits both ways.

Bẻ cong không gian  In addition to stuns, it can also be used to close corners or block the way for your team to eat dragons or barons. Note that when using it, there will always be a time to form, so timing the ring so that the opponent can't dodge is deciding whether the player knows how to play this champion or not.

In the fight, like many other carry generals, keeping the position is always something you have to pay attention to if you want to play.

Combo Veigar:

Combo 1:

Bẻ cong không gianĐiểm gở

Combo 2: 

Điểm gở + Tốc biếnVụ nổ vũ trụ

Combo 3:


Veigar pros and cons


Infinite power advancement as late as possible is disgusting.

Bẻ cong không gian It's almost half the lane already, plus the math ability, how to dodge.


Very tiny monkey at the beginning of the game.

Does not possess escape skills other than flash. Poor mobility

Veigar counters

It doesn't need much to say that there is no better time to have sex with Veigar than early in the game. Don't let Veigar ripen like Nasus brothers. If you have a quick jump jump skill, use it as soon as you see Veigar about to place a ring, you will definitely dodge.

In short, with General Veigar Wild Rift, the product of infinite power promotion is worth playing with many outstanding advantages in total combat phases. Hopefully the rune table and how to style items to quickly kill dame at Kicdo will help you master this champion.

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